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My Round 3 of ROW 80 has gotten off to a rollicking start! In order to support my writing work, I’ve come up with an ongoing goal that I’ve implemented. I suppose I should have included it in my list of goals for the round, but I hadn’t finalized it by then, and it’s really more of a meta-goal that supports the more detailed list of objectives I have for this three-month time period. So here it is:

I will dedicate at least an hour each day, 5 days of the week,

to focused work on a creative writing project.

By writing project, I mean something bigger than a journal entry or blog post. So for my list of goals, this includes work on either of the novels I’m revising, the Creative Inspiration Booster Pack (CIBP), or my non-fiction book on daily spiritual practice.

Yesterday and today I started this new habit, working on the CIBP both days for more than an hour. It’s coming along well. I sent what I have so far to BlackLion so he can start thinking about the illustrations he’s going to create.

In other updates, I’ve been thinking about the daily spiritual practice book again, and brainstormed some ideas for a compelling title. I took time yesterday to plan out my upcoming blog posts, attaching dates and topics to them. I started working on one for Starcat’s Corner, to be completed today or tomorrow. I want to ramp back up to doing two posts per week on Starcat’s Corner now that I’m back in my writing routine; I’ve only been doing one per week lately because of all my summer travel.

I’ve been keeping up with the first week of ROW 80 sponsor visits easily, and I find it fun to read what others are up to and leave my feedback. I did some of that before, but it helps to have it as a responsibility, as it ensures that I get to it on a regular basis. What a cool community we’re a part of!

I feel like I’m making good shifts in terms of healthy eating and moving my body, too. All the activity on the road trips has certainly helped, and I hope to keep the momentum going even while I’m sticking closer to home for a while. Swimming has been my go-to activity this week.

Have a terrific week of writing and creating, everyone!

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