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OYCP_CoverI’m delighted to announce that Open Your Creative Portals is now available! This was a key goal for me this time around, and in fact it’s taken since April, when I had the idea originally, to complete it. So I’m very psyched!

Here’s the link if you want to download this fun little e-book. There’s no cost – it’s a free gift for signing up for my new monthly newsletter, which should be of interest to my fellow writers and creative types. Here’s an excerpt for you from Open Your Creative Portals:

“Ask any artist, and they’ll tell you that they do their best work when they approach it with a relaxed, joyful, receptive attitude. When you’re being too serious about your work, the pressure is on. You’re trying to DO IT RIGHT, which is sure to scare away your creative connection. When you’re antsy or thinking about all the other things you have to do (i.e. not being in the moment), your work suffers.

“When you bring a sense of playfulness and fun to your creative work, that’s when you tap into the flow of energy. Creativity comes to play, to dance, to WHOOSH right through you and onto the page, the canvas, the knitting project. You know this, you’ve felt it.

“Therefore, one of the best ways to expand the creativity and connection in your life is to allow yourself time to PLAY!”

In other updates for this week, I have a lot of projects in the works, though nothing else completed at the moment. I am making good progress, though. I did order copies of my first book, and they’ll be here in time for my event next weekend, so that’s good news.

For those of you wondering whether to look for a publisher or go with self-publishing, here’s a little fun fact. I just purchased 10 copies of my first book  (published by a small publishing house) for $123. including shipping. Last week I purchased 50 copies of my second book (self-published through Amazon’s Create Space) for $136. including shipping. Cost isn’t the only factor in this big decision, I know, but it’s worth considering…


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