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I’m happy to report that yesterday morning I got up and started writing. Not that I haven’t been writing lately, but I certainly haven’t been devoting time to any of my big projects. Now I’m back at the keyboard and worked on my Creative Inspiration Booster Pack (yes, I just added the word “booster” today – like it?) for an hour or so yesterday, and again today. It’s going really well, and it feels good to have time to devote to those bigger projects once again.

Our weekly homeschool co-op is off for the summer (though there will be a few beach days and such), and my son had his final lacrosse game this week, so my schedule is opening up a bit during the week. It feels good.

I’m 40 percent through reading my latest craft book, 500 Ways to Write Harder by Chuck Wendig. I’ve been writing in my journal. I haven’t written on my Starcat’s Corner blog yet this week, but I’ll get to it. My latest Kind Over Matter post went live today.

It’s late, I’m tired, and that’s all I can think of to report right now. It’s plenty, though. Now I’m off to bed with my Kindle for some reading time before I crash. Sweet dreams!

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