Play Feeds the Muse

This weekend I traveled a few hours north to attend a surprise birthday party and visit some friends. It’s been a long winter, and I think I’d forgotten how much going on a little adventure can inspire my creativity. The friend who had a birthday is a musician, so there was a lot of fun jamming at the party. I got to play drums, and to dance. The friends we stayed with are such lovely, fun, and creative folks! We had lots of interesting and inspiring conversation. One of them is an author, too, so it was cool talking to him about our shared craft. He asked about my journal-keeping, so we talked about chronicling and curating as well. Then we attended a storytelling event on Saturday night. I’m full of new ideas and inspiration after all that!

Work on my novel is going great. I have 96,430 words written on the first draft, with ten scenes left to write. I might not make it to the finish line by this Thursday, but I will have it done before the next round starts, certainly. Blogging and other projects are going along fine. Some of my goals have shifted during this round, or been left by the wayside, but I feel very pleased with my overall progress as we approach the final week.

I’ve been making some writing plans for the year, which will get broken down by round as we proceed forward. I have lots of exciting projects in store for myself!


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