It Needs To Be Said

I’m committing myself to do these twice-weekly ROW 80 updates, or perhaps re-committing to them. I haven’t really accomplished much on my list since Sunday’s check-in. But I think it will encourage me to do more if I actually come here and admit that. At least for now, I feel like it needs to be said, for motivation’s sake.

It actually wasn’t *nothing* at all. I wrote a blog post on Monday for Starcat’s Corner. I’ve done some journal-writing each day. I picked up 3 books from the post office, to read and review (ooh boy, new books!). I’ve done a bunch of planning and correspondence.

Other than that, life’s just been busy. I have extra shifts this week at the radio station, and I had a birthday dinner to host, and kids to drive around, and grocery shopping. Life stuff. It’s snowing again as I write this. The house is tidy and there’s homemade mac & cheese in the oven. So, you know, it’s going along fine, for a winter’s week in Maine.  See you back here again on Sunday. May the rest of your week be productive and fun in the ways you want it to be!


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