A Rockin’ Week!

It’s Wednesday evening, and I’m sitting in my home office, which at the moment is at the end of the dining room table, and working on a guest blog post. I’m in the midst of a cool collaboration with a like-minded soul sister, helping her out with a personal growth program for women that is right up my alley. I’ve been working on my novel again this week, and getting super excited about how the story is unfolding. On Friday, I’ll be attending an in-person workshop that I feel will exponentially expand my ideas about promoting my business.

Life is good.

Here are the details on my progress toward some of my goals, for those following along with this ROW80 journey. And by the way, thanks for all your support and comments! You rock!

  • I wrote 4,203 new words on my novel-in-progress. I’m now at 75,821 words on the way to about 100K. I feel like I’m on track to finish this draft by the end of the round, which is a top-priority goal.
  • I will finish 4 blog posts this week, two of which are guest posts. Three are done already, and the remaining one will be done by tomorrow evening.
  • I’m 45 percent of the way through my latest craft reading; it’s 3 books bundled into one, and I’ve already read the first one, so it’s hard to figure out my exact progress. But if I finish this “bundle” by the end of the round, then I’ll meet my craft-book-reading goal. So yay!
  • Living gracefully, which encompasses a whole bunch of cool things. Mostly, at the moment, it means feeling good about what I’m doing, and enjoying life to the fullest. Check!

Have a wonderful week!

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