More Words and Some Networking

This week is going along nicely, after a bit of a slow start. I guess I needed a little break from my novel, but now I’m back at it. I’m at 54,979 words toward a target of about 100K. I also have a few scenes plotted out ahead, which include midpoint plot action for both of the main characters. Woo hoo!

The personal essay I wrote for my women’s group gathering was very well received. In fact, one of the women knows a local writer who might have some leads on publishing it, which is very cool. I’m making some new connections in the local writing and spirituality communities, which is wonderful. Lots of new opportunities along those lines (local and beyond) are showing up, and it’s both exciting and scary at the same time.

On the days when I wasn’t working on the novel, I got some more de-cluttering done around the house. I need to decorate for some upcoming holiday events we’ll be hosting, which is a great motivator for reorganizing, deep cleaning, and getting rid of unneeded things.

There are some areas I’m a bit behind on at the moment, like blogging and craft learning, but I have plans in place to fit them in. Basically, I went through my planner and for every item that wasn’t directly related to holiday preparations, family and household stuff, gigs, or ROW80 goals, I took those things off my plate until after the new year. Even if they do sound good, they can wait. I swear that I can “do it all,” but probably not all at once.

(Just kidding about the do-it-all thing. I’m still practicing the art of saying no. I’m learning.)

Have a great week and I’ll see you at the Sunday check-in.

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