Procrastination Through De-Cluttering: An Overall Win

The title above might be a little misleading – it’s really only today that I’ve been procrastinating. Otherwise, this week has been very productive in terms of writing. I’m at 15,554 words on my NaNo novel, and I hope to add more words this evening. I’ve been keeping up with my personal blogging. I submitted another guest post this weekend, which makes two weeks in a row for the SoulFire Om website. The new one’s not out yet, but if you’re curious about what I’ve been writing for them, here’s one about community.

I’ve been studying subjects that relate to my writing projects, sometimes only tangentially, but still. I’m all caught up on watching the Conquer Summit videos, and I printed out all the “actionables” (worksheets) so I can get caught up on those. There’s some really good stuff there that I think will help with my marketing. I’ve actually been journaling, too (sometimes when I’m writing on the laptop a lot, my journal gathers a little dust).

To harken back to a goal from last Round, my Cultivating Self-Love book is now available as a paperback through CreateSpace! I originally published it as an e-book, and now it can finally be purchased as an actual book, too. Yay!

As for the procrastination… I went to rehearsal this morning, which went really well. My intention had been to come home and work on my novel. However, it didn’t work out that way. A friend gave me some lovely clothes on Friday that she no longer wants, and I went through those with my daughter. Then I got on a de-cluttering kick and reorganized and sorted through most of my clothing! I have 3 big bags of things to donate, and all my new clothes are tidily integrated into my drawers and shelves.

It’s something I’d been meaning to do anyway, and even though I haven’t done my NaNo writing for the day (yet), I still think it was a productive afternoon. I also cleaned the kitchen, did some laundry, and made spaghetti sauce for dinner.

I have to count the week as a win.



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