A Deeper Commitment

I’m cranking along on my NaNoWriMo novel, Patterns in the Void, which makes me a happy kitty. I’m now at 42,459 words. I’d been sort of pondering what to do about the novel post-November, as it definitely won’t be finished. I’m aiming for more like 100K words, which is average length for my genre (urban fantasy).

After talking with Quester about it, I decided to just keep working on my novel every day, even when we reach the busy month of December. Furthermore, I’ll continue to write for at least a couple hours every day, beyond my daily journaling and regular blog posting, on into the foreseeable future. It’s the obvious next step, truly.

These days I feel more than ever like a real writer, with a real career. Sure, I’m not selling enough books to make a living, not even close – yet. But I’m confident in my abilities, and that includes my capability to learn how to successfully publish, market, and sell what I write. Especially when I devote more time to it.

So, it’s time for this deeper commitment to myself, my passion for the writing life, and my Muses. I’m really thankful to ROW 80 and NaNoWriMo for helping me get to this point. It’s exciting, and a bit scary. But I’m ready.

I can do this.


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