Still Chugging Along

It’s time for another update already? I’m thinking that twice a week might be too often for me. It seems like I don’t have enough to report to warrant a whole blog post, halfway through the week. I’ll have to ponder on it.

I’ve been doing well, chugging along and working towards my goals. The last half of the week was spent working on the Feline Dreamers website. I wrote a bunch of copy, put together a couple of new pdf files for our page of free content, and did some editing. The website is coming along great! BlackLion is doing a wonderful job making it beautiful, simple, and welcoming. I’m really excited about it.

The weekend was devoted largely to Dark Follies, my vaudeville troupe. We had a longer-than-usual rehearsal on Saturday, and then today we filmed for a promotional video. This is the payment for one of our gigs back in the fall, and having a professional video will enable us to apply to perform at some larger venues. I think it went pretty well. We had a good time and everyone seemed patient with the process.

This week is my daughter’s 15th birthday, so some of my time will be consumed with celebrations, and joyfully so. She’s a wonderful young woman. Hard to believe my youngest is getting so old! Alongside the revelry, I plan to get to some more book editing, work on the website, more reading, blogging, and my regular practices.

I hope your week is fun and productive, too!


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