Getting Started

I’ve had a fairly slow start to round 3, but it’s a holiday week here, with a lot going on, so I’m cutting myself some slack. What did I do towards my goals?

  • a bit of editing on Cultivating Self-Love
  • some tinkering with the outline and existing text (I’d already written about 4,000 words, a year or so ago) for the Daily Spiritual Practice e-book
  • purchased Kristen Lamb’s new book, Rise of the Machines: Human Authors in a Digital World, which by the way is fantastic, and started reading it as part of learning how to effectively market Starcat’s Corner: Essays on Pagan Living
  • did yoga yesterday! yay!
  • went for a swim in the lake
  • wrote a couple of blog posts
  • kept up with my daily journaling
  • did some dancing (though not every day, yet)

Now that I write it out as a list, seems like a pretty good start to the summer round. I’ll post a review of the Kristen Lamb book once I’ve finished devouring it. Have a wonderful (holiday) week!

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