Rockin’ the Word Count

I missed doing a Sunday update due to a very full day yesterday, but I wanted to still get in on it, as I have some exciting news. For the first time this round, I met (and exceeded) my word count goal for the Cultivating Self-Love e-book! I wrote 5596 words this past week (on a goal of 5000)! I was too busy to write over the weekend, other than some journaling, but this morning I’ve already written 1207 words. More importantly, I really like what I’m writing. It’s a first draft, so of course it still needs work, but I’m very satisfied with the direction it’s going. In addition to that, everyone I’ve mentioned it to has loved the topic and is eager to read it. I’ll take that as a good sign.

So, no real updates on my other goals just yet. I do have some musings to share: I was intrigued by a writer friend’s post on Facebook, and that’s been sparking my imagination. She was talking about how a new book was percolating in her consciousness, and how much it affected her daily life: more daydreaming, wishing to harvest moments from life to put into the new story, and the like. While I write mainly non-fiction, I could totally understand what she meant. I find myself thinking of my narrative often, and choosing personal anecdotes and synchronicities to include.  And when I’m in the creative flow, I often drift into my own imaginary world, enjoying the discoveries I make there.

I’m feeling an opening toward maybe writing a novel. I’ve been scared to even consider it for years, frightened away by a bad experience with a college creative writing teacher and some personal baggage. But perhaps I can combine my passion for spirituality with my expansive imagination, and create something really worth reading. It’s still very much in the pondering stages at this point, but the opening feels good, and the timing is right. And my writing chops are certainly up, as I continue to practice my craft nearly ever day. Hmmm…..


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