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Late Autumn? Bring It On!

November is less than a week away. I think I’ll be ready.

Soccer season is done!!!  (this soccer Mom is rejoicing, yes.)  But somehow the weekend was hectic and busy, anyway. That’s okay. The upcoming week has less commitments, and I see lots of plotting and planning time in the cards for me.  That is my intention.

It helps that I’m in a very creative mode. I’m preparing for my winter hibernation, my retreat from the world into my creative cave. I read my horoscope for the next few months on a blog that one of my Facebook friends linked. I was delighted because it told me that I would be hunkering down in my home and being super creatively productive. Yes, I knew that already! I love it when synchronicities like that happen. Validation is nice.

So, I’m honing my NaNoWriMo outline and character sketches, I bought a new-to-me drum, and I’m practicing saying “no thank you” to added obligations. Late autumn? Bring it on!

P.S. A side note: I didn’t know until some recent mentions on the ROW80 pages that ROW80 was created to be the sort of non-NanNoWriMo alternative. I hope I didn’t inadvertently offend anyone by posting about NaNo a lot lately. I figure it’s okay, though, since my friend Shan Jeniah posts about NaNo often, and she’s a sponsor! Best wishes to all on your creative goals, whether or not you are doing NaNo!

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Life in Progress

I’m a day late with my ROW 80 update again; perhaps Mondays work better for me for posting with my updates. Either way, I’m going to post, rather than just shrug and mentally note that I missed it, which is what I was doing back in the summer. That’s progress, right? Right.

Mercury retrograde finally caught up with me, after not troubling me before now. I’m thankful for that. And today, well, computers and I aren’t really speaking the same language, if you know what I mean.

It’s okay.

It actually helps me toward one of my goals, which is “fix or replace my laptop.” It’s on its way to the computer doctor tomorrow morning, yay!


A zentangle in progress in my art journal.

My main focus this week has been on blogging, and that’s going well. I’m writing new material for my blog, and have two big guest posts in the works. I’m on track with my craft learning, keeping up with the Conquer Summit videos and trying some of the homework. Other creative pursuits I’ve been up to are zentangling, shown here as a page in progress in my art journal, and being inspired with ideas for my NaNo novel. I haven’t started my outline for that yet, but I’m plotting it in my head a bit first.

We went to the movies last night, the whole family, and saw “Guardians of the Galaxy.” It was fantastic! and inspired lots of new ideas.

I’ve noticed my energy lagging with the season and the moon, but I’m almost through this busy patch and soon will retreat to my cat cave to create, create create. So be it.

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