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faeryhouseI feel like I’m finally back on track after all the ickiness of the past couple of months. I’m so thankful to have had a really good week. Today was especially lovely, as we’ve been having really nice weather, and I got to meander through the woods like I did when I was a kid. I found some faery houses and little treasures. It was really restorative.

It looks like BlackLion and I aren’t in a place right now to work on our book revisions for The Door Is the Key. Not that we never will, just not currently. This leaves me wanting to pick another book project to work on. I’m enjoying creating courses and such, but I miss having a focused writing project. It’s something to think about this week, as we edge closer to the next Round. Should I start writing another nonfiction book, or revise my own novel, Patterns in the Void? I’ll be pondering on it.

Meanwhile, I’ve stayed on track with blogging this week. I’ve started reading the new Sean Platt and Johnny B. Truant book, Iterate and Optimize, and it’s really inspiring (and funny, of course). I have the rough draft of the outline for the Heart of the Goddess program done. We put up a bunch of flyers this weekend for our upcoming workshop, and have been talking about it with various folks. I haven’t yet made the calls about getting my books into more shops, and I still have some biz course assignments to get caught up on, but I’ll forward those things to this week.

Speaking of which, here are my mini-goals for the upcoming week:

  • continue to work on writing materials for the Heart of the Goddess spiritual mentoring program
  • promote our Spring Into Action workshop
  • get caught up on my assignments for the biz coaching course I’m taking – listen to at least 3 recordings and take notes
  • work on getting my books into more local shops
  • choose my main writing and/or revision project to focus on in Round 2

I highly recommend getting out for a walk or just sitting in the sun this week if you can. Nature is so inspiring. Enjoy!

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