I Think It’s Working

I really like this new system of doing mini-goals on Sunday and celebrations on Wednesday. That combined with the Leonie Dawson planners is rocking my world! I’m getting stuff done and having fun in the process, and not getting so frazzled about time management. Woo hoo!

Here are my celebrations!

  • Celebrating my daughter (my youngest child) and her 17th birthday tomorrow! She’s such an awesome, creative, beautiful, compassionate young woman.
  • I’ve been making great progress with my grand plans for 2016. BlackLion and I had our Feline Dreamers summit yesterday and figured out what we’ll be creating and offering this year. It’s gonna be a doozy! I’m thrilled.
  • My promotion of the Alchemy of Core Beliefs course is going well thus far.
  • I blogged this week, and set up plans and a system for future posts. I’m going to plan my posts monthly, which seems to be a good length of time for me.
  • BlackLion and I have several sessions of revision work in our calendar now, this week and next. After we finish those, we’ll schedule some more.

So, things are going well and I look forward to the rest of the week being as productive as this first part has been. I’ve also been inspired with some more writing ideas, so I’m taking notes on those things. I’m thankful I now have a working system for fitting all of these creative projects into my daily life.

Have a fantastic week and I’ll talk with you on Sunday!


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