Riding Out the Lulls

I’m having a bit of a lull in my energy and motivation, at least in terms of writing my WIP. I’ve still been working on the marketing aspect of things, and that’s going pretty well as far as I can tell. Yesterday I’d planned to do a bunch of writing, but I felt supremely uninspired.

Instead of fretting about it, I let myself take time to just relax. August is always one of the busiest months of the year for my family, and I’ve been pretty much on the go, non-stop. Sure, a lot of it is fun stuff, but as an introvert, I still need that down time to relax and recharge.

So I caught up on some blog reading, and did my journal writing, and messed around on Facebook, and worked on my Danielle LaPorte workbook. It was relaxing and fun. My daughter and I treated my Mom and Aunt Peg to dinner for their birthdays. When we got home, we watched Haven.

Today I’m getting back on track. I didn’t work on my WIP, but I’ve been blogging, and working on my guest blog for Kind Over Matter. Plus doing some further promotion for our September online course.

Hopefully by Sunday I will have gotten back into the groove of working on the daily spiritual practice book. Wish me luck!

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