Move On, Nothing to See Here

As you can likely tell by the title, and the lateness of this Sunday (ahem, Monday) update, not much writing is being done in my life right now. Sigh. But, it’s okay.

We’ve been busy with the usual August crazy-busy-ness, like several family birthdays and those last outdoor gatherings of late summer (sniff, sniff). We don’t normally do back-to-school, being an unschooling family that learns year round, but this year… just-turned-19-year-old son is attending community college, so there has been a lot of prep and things-to-do around that. I’m really proud of him. And also, some good friends of ours are in crisis, so we’ve been busy helping them, which means hosting one of them in our home for a few weeks.

I did achieve half of my mini-goals for the week. I wrote and sent my September post for Kind Over Matter, and was pleased with how it came out. I also did, along with BlackLion, a bunch of promotion for our September online course.

The biz coaching program I’m taking starts this week, and I’m very excited about that! I hope to also ease back into daily work on my WIP.

Here are this week’s mini-goals:

  • Work on the DSP e-book at least 4 days.
  • Get back on track with my blogging schedule.
  • Devote an hour each day to work on homework for the marketing/biz coaching course I’m taking.
  • Work on planning and promoting my book talk & signing that happens on 9/12.

Have a delightful week and enjoy your creative inspirations!


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