Writing, Reading, and Cats

I have the March blues, or is it blahs? Luckily, the things that are sustaining me are my usual trio of favorites: writing, reading, and cats.

I mean, just look at this sweet fellow, Merlin!


And his lovely brother, Sir Percival (known affectionately as Percy).


In terms of writing, I’ve still been in the groove with work on my novel, Patterns in the Void. The first draft is now at 91,818 words on the way to 100K-ish. Though I think I may exceed the word count, as I’ve only written 45 scenes of 59 total. That’s okay, it gives me more room to edit it down eventually. I wrote a blog post this week about these very same March blues, with some help from my Facebook tribe. I’m also writing in my journal pretty much every day, which is great writing practice and free therapy. Heh heh.

I’m 59 percent of the way through my fourth craft book (out of the three that was my goal for this round, woo hoo!). It’s excellent. Fiction Unboxed by Johnny B. Truant and Sean Platt. I’m also 82 percent of the way through a nonfiction book I’m reading to review, and for fiction I’m reading the latest Bobby Dollar novel by Tad Williams.

That’s my Sunday update. How’s your week been?

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