Birthdays, Ice Skates, and Some Writing

The birthday cats were pleased with receiving catnip treats and boxes to play in.

The birthday cats were pleased with receiving catnip treats and boxes to play in.

This week my lovely daughter turned Sweet 16! Her birthday was Wednesday, and we had a party at our house. It was a friend’s birthday on Thursday, too, and I helped her celebrate with drinks at a fancy restaurant. And we celebrated the 6th birthday of our sweet cat boys (they’re brothers). A busy week, which is why I missed the Wednesday check-in, and took a couple of days off from writing and such. Still, it was a pretty productive week overall.

I wrote 3,713 new words on my novel-in-progress this week, and I’m now at 70,257 words total on the way to 100K (ish). I only blogged once on Starcat’s Corner, but today I brainstormed a list of posts. I was having trouble figuring out what to write about, so this list of personal prompts will be helpful. I’m now 30 percent of the way through reading Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur. BlackLion and I meditated 3 times this week, which is my goal (and feels great).

For Feline Dreamers, I wrote a new blog post and did some research on starting an Etsy shop. The gist of that is that you need to have handmade items ready to sell before you set up the shop; we have plans for creating greeting cards and rune stones. I bought some paint for the rune stones this week.

I managed to get a bit of outdoor time, even though it was super cold. My daughter and I purchased ice skates and made our first visit to the new outdoor rink in the next town over. It’s so much fun! We’ll be doing it more. I also bought a new-to-me pair of ski poles, so I’m all set for some cross-country skiing. Bring on the snow!

This week’s priorities include more novel writing, finally creating my 2015 vision board, going ice skating again, and working on my Leonie Dawson workbook.


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