More Kitchen Project Love

I confess, I haven’t worked on my novel in a couple of days. After the death of the refrigerator over the weekend, we took on another kitchen project yesterday. This one was voluntary, though.

As my holiday gift, Quester tiled part of our kitchen (behind the stove, sink and counters along the wall). It looks so great! It still needs to be grouted, but he did everything else in one day. Here, take a look.


Our floor is black-and-white, too, and most of our appliances are black, so it ties in really well.


Some of my rock collection got into the action, too, forming the border under the window. I love it!

I get to paint the whole great room next (we have an open concept kitchen-dining room-living room), but I need to wait for spring until that happens.

So needless to say, yesterday I was helping him move everything, which meant lots of cleaning and dusting, plus refilling the spices on the spice rack, de-cluttering the counters, and so forth. I’m really delighted with how it all looks! I also did some work on the holiday collage cards we make every year, which I guess fulfills part of one of my goals, so that’s good.

But my writing has been on the back burner so far this week. I did post a Starcat’s Corner blog post today, and the other night I got caught up on watching the Conquer Summit videos. I intend to get back to the blank page soon, though. My characters are calling me.

I hope your week is going well!

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