A Very Quick Update

Hello lovely writers. This is just a quick update, in the midst of holiday preparations galore. I wrote 1465 words yesterday on my Patterns in the Void WIP, bringing my current total to 62,476 words toward a target of 100K. My progress here at the holiday-heavy end of the round is very slow, but at least it is happening. I have some good ideas for upcoming scenes, too, and I like the way some of the characters are stepping up.

I have gotten to a little bit of blogging this week. Other than that, I’ve mostly been working on de-cluttering, cleaning, and decorating our home. It’s looking good!

Our Christmas tree, all decorated!

Our Christmas tree, all decorated. There are even some gifts under it already!

I’ve worked on a lot of holiday cards, which count toward my artwork goal. Drum practice has been going well.

On Friday, I was interviewed for a blog that is associated with the local daily newspaper. It went really well, and the writer/photographer who I spoke with was very cool. It feels like it was a good connection to make. I’ll post the link once it’s published.

Just keep swimming, everyone!


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