In Which I Get More Organized…

I’m off to a good start with this round. I wonder if that’s the case for a lot of folks, as we have the awakening, refreshing energies of spring on our side this time.

starcat'sjoyfullifemindmapsampleAnyway, I took some time to get organized, as I talked about in my goals post. I didn’t know where to start, so I sat down with paper and colored pencils and made a mind map about all the various priorities in my life (pictured here is a portion of it). That helped me prioritize and see the connections between the things I choose to devote time to, and put everything in perspective.

I went on to come up with a writing calendar on Google Drive (with some help from BlackLion). We have a marketing calendar for Feline Dreamers, and we created something similar, only this one is for all my writing projects. This will help me stay on track with my blogs (there are 3: this one for writing-related stuff, my Starcat’s Corner blog, and my contributions to our Feline Dreamers website and e-newsletter), plus guest blog articles, other projects with and without deadlines, and revisions for our novel. Believe it or not, it was fun creating it. I also now have a document to plan out topics for each blog post. I’d say I’m about 25 percent done with filling in the topics for this month – a good start – and I’m on track for reaching my posting goals for this week.

From there, I came up with a loose schedule for the days when I’m working from home. Basically, get up and ready for the day, then do my morning practices (which include yoga, meditation, and journaling). Have breakfast, usually a smoothie, then get to work on the day’s writing and revising. Take a break for lunch and some exercise, getting outdoors if possible. Then work on other projects in the afternoon, including stuff with the kids and housework as well as correspondence, etc. In the evening, along with family dinner and social time, work in my dance and drum practice, as well as reading. The schedule will change when I have other commitments, but this is a loose outline that I can work with.

Today I did some work on the revisions for the novel. I’ve now done 135 pages out of 213 total for my first read-through and note-making. I also wrote blog posts and newsletter content, and worked with a friend to set up a homeschool workshop that we’re collaborating on.

My wellness practices are going fine. This morning I did yoga, and we took a walk with the dogs this afternoon.

It’s only been one day, really, with the new system, but I think it’s going to help. Of course, tomorrow is our homeschool co-op, so the schedule will get put on hold for most of the day. That’s okay, though. That’s why it’s a flexible schedule!

Have a great week, everyone.

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