In Which a New Internet Sensation is Born

So, I had a pretty boring update to write here today, since I’ve mostly been working my outside-the-home job since Sunday’s update. Sure, I did a few goal-related things: I’ve been keeping up with blogging, I finished reading a fellow author’s book and writing a review for it, and my morning yoga practice has been going great.

shelfies1Today I’ve been working on my space-organizing project, having fun rearranging bookshelves. Shan had commented that she wished she could read the spines on the pictures I posted earlier, so I thought I’d do a couple of close-up shots to share here. I took the photos on my phone and was in the process of sending them to my e-mail, when I said to BlackLion, “Hey, I’m posting shelfies!”shelfies2

He loved it, and encouraged me to post one of them to Facebook right away, so he could send it to George Takei. So maybe, just maybe, I’ve created a new web sensation for my fellow bookworms.
Speaking of which, fellow book lovers (ahem, that’s you!), how about posting a shelfie or two of your favorite books? I’d love to see what books you love enough that they take up space on your bookshelves. Leave a comment here or on Facebook, and let’s share books!


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