Getting Into the Groove

This week is going well. I’m getting into the groove of my new morning practice of yoga and meditation, and the energy from that practice flows right into my writing and editing sessions. I like having a loose schedule for the day. It forms a useful container for my creativity, and gets me moving, yet it’s flexible enough to suit my changing needs.

As of today I’m on page 182 of 213 of my read-through and commenting on our novel, The Door is the Key. One more session and I should be done. Woo hoo! Then I’ll move on to outlining my next book, while BlackLion finishes his read-through. After that we’ll dive into the next phase of the revisions.

Blogging for the week is on track, which feels good. Marketing and promotion continues to go well. I have a book I’m reading to review for a fellow author, and after I get done with that one, I’ll pick up my next “craft” book. There’s one on blogging that I want to read next.

I still want to add more body movement in the evenings. I haven’t been doing my dancing practice consistently, and I figure it could be a good break from more sedentary evening pursuits. Gotta fire up that Pandora shuffle and go for it! I guess I had to get my yoga practice established first. One step at a time!

Have a wonderful rest of the week!

P.S. I was not exactly thrilled when we woke up to snow on the ground this morning. Snow!? Ick. But as of this afternoon, most of it is melted. Now back to your regularly scheduled spring…

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