This is my second-to-last post of my first round ever! I tried ROW80 as an experiment, and it’s gone rather well. I’ll be re-upping for round 2, and I’m looking forward to completing my e-book during that round. Woo hoo!

I’ll wait for Wednesday to go over the goals one by one. Suffice it to say that I had a productive week. I wrote 5,018 words on my 5,000 word goal, the second week in a row I’ve made the goal. I’m really getting the hang of the word count thing. I’m also on the final chapter! First draft is almost complete.

I had two wonderful coaching calls this week (as in, I’m the one being coached), and garnered lots of cool ideas regarding promotion. I’ll count that as a win, although I’ve only just begun putting them into place. More on those later.

My rhythm at the moment seems to be writing Monday through Friday (how conventional!), because the weekends have been very full lately. That’s all for now. Chat with you on Wednesday!

P.S. Here’s a new picture of me, taken by a dear friend when we were visiting the beach recently.


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