Favorite Writing Tools

What are some of your favorite tools for your writing practice? I most often like to start my first draft on paper. I love Pentel fine-point black pens. Or sometimes gel pens, but usually black. Spiral-bound notebooks in bright colors and patterns are what I usually use for writing projects, and I keep one with me to jot down notes and ideas. I also journal a lot, and for those I like blank lined bound journals.

When I transfer that first draft onto the computer, I use Word, and my favorite font and size is Garamond 12 point. I like the older version of Word that we use, not the newer one with the “docx” suffix. It’s mostly just because I’m used to the layout and features. I keep it pretty simple, not using a lot of bells and whistles.

My laptop is an older model, a Dell Inspiron 1520, and it’s starting to show a bit of wear. I always back up my files by attaching them to an e-mail or (sometimes) using Google docs. But the laptop is still my trusty writing and editing pal. When we upgrade, I’ll probably go with Dell again. For reading blogs and things like that, I love my Kindle Fire. I do read books on it, too, but I would stay that the majority of what I read is still in the form of good old-fashioned paper books.

Please leave a comment and share your favorite writing (and reading) tools.

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