My Wednesday Gratitude List

100_8943I still have great momentum on the book draft. I’m now at 107,830 words on the way to 120K. I should be able to finish within the next couple of weeks. Yay!

Blogging is also on track. I started to procrastinate last night, then decided to go ahead and do a blog post, even though it was almost bedtime. It ended up coming out quite well, with some inspiration from a friend. Sometimes social media feeds the creative process, though it’s more well known for distracting us from it.

My biz coach is guiding us to get started on some planning for 2017. My Virgo self just loves this! I’m excited to brainstorm and dream and then create a road map from there.

I’m going to bring back something I did for a while here, which is posting a gratitude list along with Wednesday’s ROW 80 update. I’m so thankful:

  • for the beautiful October leaves and sunshine and apples and pumpkins.
  • that I’m still so excited about my book draft, here at the tail end of it.
  • that I’m taking time to write each weekday.
  • for friends who inspire me and laugh with me and are just super awesome in general.
  • for money from unexpected sources.

Thanks, Universe!


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5 Responses to My Wednesday Gratitude List

  1. Yay indeed. 107k words is impressive indeed. May good things drift thy way, I’m glad things are mellow for you 🙂
    Stay sweet, and catch ya on the mellow side

  2. I think the gratitude list is great idea. It’s always easier to focus on the negative than the positive. I hope the momentum keeps on coming! Good job.

  3. We should all be more thankful all of the time.

  4. I’m watching the leaves turn here in Colorado too! I haven’t seen fall here in 20 years… I grew used to the Vermont seasons, and there are more differences than I thought there would be. I think we missed apple picking already!

  5. Hooray for fall and gratitude!

    I need to check out the materials from you – thought I’d have time, and then people who had been cocooning suddenly became social, and I’ve got story deadlines, and….but, by the end of next week, I should be able to look.

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