Celebration Time!

autumnbeachfloraI did it! I finished my book draft of The Heart of the Goddess on Sunday! My final word count, toward a target goal of 120K, is 122,145. Yes!!! I wrote¬†about 4K words on Saturday, and the same on Sunday, to finish up. That’s a lot, for me.

After celebrating with friends, I worked at the radio station on Monday, noticing how freeing it was to get ready in the morning without the self-imposed pressure to work on the book first. Yesterday, I sat down with a list of smaller writing projects to catch up with…and I just couldn’t function. I had no inspiration, no desire to work on anything, and just wanted to relax and veg out. So I did. That big final push depleted me creatively, and I needed to recharge.

Today, I feel a bit better. I wrote my Kind Over Matter post – using the topic of why it’s important to take time to celebrate and recharge (how “meta” of me, huh?). I’m here writing this post. I decided to blow off my personal blog until the weekend.

For the next two days, I’ll be at the fall retreat for my biz coaching course. I’m so excited! A room full of heart-centered women entrepreneurs, breaking through inner blockages and planning for a kick-ass 2017! I can’t wait.

Here’s my Wednesday gratitude list:

  • Finishing my book draft!!! That’s the big one for this week.
  • Learning and incorporating a new meditation that’s just perfect for my daily practice.
  • The retreat that begins tomorrow!
  • A fantastic private call with my biz coach this morning, to start getting pieces in place for the planning I’ll be doing over the next couple of days. She’s so inspiring!
  • Living in such a gorgeous place. Autumn in Maine continues to amaze me, every year.

Have a beautiful rest of the week and I’ll hopefully be back on Sunday with another update. I wish you productive writing days!


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2 Responses to Celebration Time!

  1. Huzzah for finishing! That’s always one of my most difficult challenges. In fact… I need to go write an ending on a short story now because it just…stopped. It needs an actual ending.

  2. Congrats on finishing the draft! That’s awesome! And yes, we do have to take time to fill back up.

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