Some Work and Some Play

Some work this week, and some play. I enjoy when the two overlap. As I reported on Wednesday, I’m very excited about setting up a book signing and reading in cooperation with a local author friend. That was the highlight of my work week! I also wrote a total of 3,856 words on the Daily Spiritual Practice e-book, blogged a lot (meeting my goals), and did some fundraising for our upcoming adventure.

100_8805This weekend we had our annual Big Backyard Bash. Here I am in my hippie party garb! I blogged about our exciting day on my Starcat’s Corner website. I’m keeping this update short, as I’m tired from the bash, and I have a performance tonight with Dark Follies. It’s time to go get some rest!

Blessings on all your writing projects and other adventures!

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  1. OOH! Big Backyard Bash! OOH! Hippie garb!

    We Rocked the Campground in Plymouth (for the last time; it’s sad to see that great gathering go….), which is why my sponsor visit is late. I understand that kind of tired.

    You seem to be chugging along with work and play, which seems just right to me! =D

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