Gradual Progress

I had a very busy and intense weekend, and as a result have been lagging a bit this week. Still, I’m making gradual progress towards my goals. I’ve been working on the Resources section for my Cultivating Self-Love e-book, and I’m nearly done with it. After that, I just need to do an “about the author” bio and to finish setting up the photo shoot for the cover. BlackLion and I are thinking of releasing the e-book on August 1st, which is very exciting!

Haven’t done any new writing on the other e-book this week, though I have been writing blog posts. I have a meeting today with my author friend, to do some brainstorming and planning for our book signing and reading event in September. I’m about two-thirds of the way through reading Kristen Lamb’s book, which is going to prove very useful to me in the area of book promotion. Our fundraising for our trip is going along steadily, though I feel like we should have already purchased our airline tickets by now. I’m not going to fret, though.

I’ve been swimming a lot, and enjoying the time spent outside. It’s so restorative. And I know it’s unusual, but I really love the heat wave. Hot summer weather is my favorite. Warmth is good!

Hope you’re having a productive week and also treating yourself to some summer fun.



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  1. I am loving the swimming pool this summer! Good luck with the brainstorming session today. 😀

  2. I have forgone the pool today to get some writing done. Sitting here getting cramped up is starting to make me regret my decision. Good luck today and enjoy the session.

  3. exciting indeed – august very soon – best of luck – I used to enjoy the summer and high temps but afraid health not up to anymore – I hide in the shade – but love to see the sun and blue skies =mcheers the day along:)

  4. The hot weather has been draining for me… I’m really a winter-baby–even if that just means I get more writing and computer related work done. Glad that some people are finding this heat energizing. The world is best when there are counter-balancing elements out there.

    Good for you with the ebook writing and the brainstorming. Sometimes focus needs to be placed in different areas. Sounds like you’re placing it where you most need it, Nikki.

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